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Dog Catching Ball in Bexley BarkYard Dog Park

19 June . 2018

Keeping Your Pet Safe During The Dog Days Of Summer

Summertime is family time and that should include your pets. Since fur coats are not optional for our furry companions, we have to take precautions to keep our four-legged friends cool when temperatures are hot. Here are 7 ways to keep your pet safe when temperatures soar.

1.    Never Leave a Pet in a Parked Car – Temperatures within a car, regardless of whether the windows are open or not, can escalate to a deadly high within minutes. Never leave your pet in a car, no matter the circumstances. 

2.    Get a Check-up – Best to take your furry friends to the veterinarian prior to enjoying any summer activities. Ask your vet whether your pet is more susceptible to heat stroke and which precautions you should take to keep him or her safe this summer.

3.    Keep Your Pet Hydrated – Many animals may load up on water when the thermostats rise as a way to cool down. On those especially hot days, serve their water on the rocks. Or, consider making frozen treats, like peanut butter pops, to keep your pup cool.

4.    Groomed, but not Shaved – Humans oftentimes sport short, or even shaved, heads in hopes of staying cool in the summertime. Removing a pet’s coat may seem like the best way to minimize overheating, but in reality the layers of a dogs’ coat protect against heat rash, sunburn, and yes, overheating.

5.    Get Walking Early or Late – Your pet needs exercise just not in the heat of the day. Try to schedule your exercise routines early morning or late in the day when there is indirect sunlight and the temperatures drop. If walking isn’t working, try different exercise routines like swimming or running through a sprinkler. 

6.    Protect the Paws – If pavement is hot enough to fry an egg, it is hot enough to burn your pets’ paws! Fit your four-legged friend with footwear or wait until temps cool down. You can also visit the BarkYard for a grassy place to play. 

7.    Let Your Pet Lead – Sometimes instincts are just as important as what the thermometer reads. If your pet wants to cut a walk short or even opts to stay in the air conditioning, take their lead.

Use these tips to keep your whole family safe during the summer. For more information, visit The Humane Society or ASPCA to learn more ways to help your pet stay cool when temps heat up.

Be sure to check out Bexley's dog park with dedicated spaces for small and large pups!