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29 June . 2017

Back to School Countdown: 6 Ways to Get Your Kids Ready for the School Year

Published June 2017

Before you know it, summer vacation will be over and kids will be headed back to class. While the beginning of the school year is usually filled with excitement and anticipation, it’s important to plan ahead to make the transition from summer to school as seamless as possible.

Getting your children ready for school begins at home. Check out these back to school tips for parents and students of all ages.

1)    Break the Ice- Take advantage of any tours or teacher meetings that your child’s school may offer in advance of the first day of class. This can be especially important if your child is just starting his or her school career or entering a different school from last year. Knowing their teacher and meeting some fellow students in advance can go a long way in making you child feel at ease.

2)    Set a Routine- At least a week in advance, start getting your child into their daily school routine. That means waking them up a little earlier each day to coincide with their new schedule. Getting enough sleep is an important element in academic success, so be strict with bedtimes.  It’s also a good idea to make sure that your child eats lunch at approximately the time they will at school. And consider having your child enjoy a few lunches out of their new lunch box, too.

3)    Shop for Supplies –Grab your school supply list and go shopping with your child. While most schools have specific items that are needed, be sure to let your child pick out a few special items – such as a unique pen or notebook - as a splurge to let their personality shine.

4)    Get Excited! – Talk up how much fun your child will have meeting new friends and learning new things. Chances are, your enthusiasm will rub off on your kids.

5)    Make a Practice Run – A day or two before the start of school, have your child set their alarm to get up at their new wake up time, get ready, eat breakfast and be on time to leave the house. This will ensure you and your child have scheduled enough time in the morning and minimize any chances of being tardy for school or work. Also, be sure your child knows the route to the bus stop or to school, and consider walking it with them a few times to increase their familiarity.

6)    Curb Morning Madness – Help your child to get into a nightly routine of setting their alarm clock, laying out clothes, making lunch for the next day and setting the table for breakfast. This will help avoid extra stress in the morning. Also, be sure to have nutritious breakfast foods easily accessible so that your kids can serve themselves.

A new school year is the start of endless possibilities and sets the stage for lifelong learning. With a little planning and preparation, getting back into the swing of academics will be a cinch.