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18 August . 2017

Meet the Principals

Published August 2017*

At Bexley, we believe in being community partners to the public schools where our students attend. That’s why we donated land within the community for the development of Bexley Elementary School, which opened in the Fall of 2017.

Students in our neighborhood can look forward to a top-notch education led by dedicated educators. We thought you might like to meet the three outstanding principals who lead the schools our Bexley students attend.


Vicki Wolin – Bexley Elementary School

Education has been Vicki Wolin’s vocation for nearly 30 years and she’s excited to tackle perhaps her biggest challenge: launching Bexley Elementary School. The new school built within Bexley on 18 acres donated by Newland Communities, had more than 600 students enrolled when it opened in August 2017, with space for approximately 300 more in the coming years. The five-building campus is the largest elementary school ever built in Pasco County. The kindergarten through fifth grade school features a spacious school office and reception area, two classroom buildings, a building for the arts and cafeteria and a R.E.C. Center - school’s media center. The acronym reflects the school’s commitment to Research, Engage and Collaborate.

Mrs. Wolin says the enthusiasm for a new school among teachers and students has been contagious. She and her team of teachers have been looking forward to meeting all the students, establish relationships with them and families, and develop new traditions. Because of re-zoning by the school district, some students who attended other school last year are being transferred into Bexley Elementary. “It’s difficult to leave a school that you loved and come to a new one, or to start school for the first time,” Mrs. Wolin says. “Bexley is a safe and inviting place to for students… I expect us to be engaged and have a great time.”

Mrs. Wolin also knows that parents and families play an important role in their child’s success.

“It’s important for them to know that the mutual respect their children see between school and home will help their child feel confident and safe. The students, teachers, and families will make our building a home that the community can be proud of!”


David Salerno – Charles S. Rushe Middle School

Rushe Middle School is beginning its 11th year serving the Land O’ Lakes community.  For the last six years, principal David Salerno has been at the helm, guiding about 1,275 students in grades six through eight and 65 teachers. Rushe Middle has a strong reputation for academics. In fact, the Florida Department of Education has rated it as an “A” school. Students have been honored at several district and state competitions for math, science, geography and speech and the school is a part of the Global Partnership Program, which lets students learn from their peers in other countries such as China and Spain through regular videoconferences.  

“Our school an excellent reputation for providing quality educational experiences that give students opportunities to explore areas of interest, discover their strengths, and hone their skills,” notes Mr. Salerno.

There’s a wide range of after school activities for middle schoolers to take part in, as well as competitive sports teams in volleyball, football, cheerleading, basketball, soccer and track.

Of course, it takes a community effort to ensure children have the skills they need to become lifelong learners, leaders and good citizens. Mr. Salerno says he couldn’t do it alone.

“I love the support this community has for education. Our students are among the best and brightest I have had the opportunity to work with in my 27 years in education!  Our goal for the upcoming school year is to continue to be rated an “A” school by the Florida Department of Education and to strive to help all of our students experience academic success.”


Michael Cloyd – Sunlake High School

One of principal Michael Cloyd’s favorite expressions is, “It’s great to be a Sunlake Seahawk!” As leader of the school’s nearly 2,000 students in grades 9 through 12, and 100 teachers for the past 2 years, Mr. Cloyd strives to make Sunlake an integral part of the community. Students regularly take advantage of volunteer opportunities throughout Pasco County and also excel in academics and athletics.

During the 2016-17 school year, nearly 450 students took more than 800 Advanced Placement (AP) exams. The percentage of students earning passing scores exceeded both state and global averages. Over the past four years, more and more students have selected to take these challenging courses and exams and Mr. Cloyd expects that to continue.  Sunlake also offers unique career academies in aviation, robotics, health and business to help provide students a head start in those fields.

On the playing field, Sunlake offers a host of team sports, including football, cheerleading, wresting, weightlifting, swimming and diving, cross country, track, softball, golf, basketball, baseball, soccer and volleyball. There is also a diverse selection of extracurricular activities.

“We have great students,” notes Mr. Cloyd. “I’ve had the pleasure of seeing our students succeed in athletics, in academics, and in serving our community… We know we’re not perfect, but we strive for excellence. We face opportunities with the positive energy needed to make Sunlake as awesome as a school can be.”

*Update: As of 2020, the principal at Bexley Elementary is CJ Huffman.