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New-Home Buying Guide



We know buying a new home can be an exciting (and sometimes overwhelming) process. That's why we created this guide—to help as you begin your search. From a handy checklist of things to consider when doing research and visiting in-person, to understanding the home buying process from some of the country’s most acclaimed home builders, we’re here to make the home buying process as easy for you as possible.

New-Home Buying Considerations

To get started, we’ve assembled some useful resources, tips, and ideas to help you imagine and find your perfect home. Here are a few things to think about as you get started on your home buying journey. Click here for a downloadable version of the checklist.

  • Step 1: Getting Started +

    Make Your Wish List – What are the things you love about your current home? What have you always wanted to change? If you’re in the market for your first home, what are your must-haves? Think about how many rooms you’d like, large gathering spaces you’d enjoy, or the size of your kitchen. Include a little flex space to make your own home office or play room and consider special areas for your growing family or furry friends!

    Get Your Finances in Order – What’s your budget? What are you pre-qualified for? Click here to see a list of financial considerations you may not be thinking of when buying a new home.

    Consider Teaming up with a Real Estate Professional – Buying a new home is more than just doing an online search – it’s about knowing an area and understanding the process. Real estate professionals can offer organized, professional guidance that ultimately means less stress for you. Here’s a look at some of the top-selling professionals in Bexley.

    Determine When You Need to Move – Whether you want to choose a specific lot and homebuilder, or just need a new home to move into quickly – you have options here. At Bexley, we even have quick move-in homes available.
  • Step 2: Do Your Research +

    Consider New vs. Resale – New homes offer the latest energy-efficiency and technology option available. And being in Florida, having a home built to the most current hurricane standards is important. There are so many reasons to consider buying new.

    Check out Home Options Online Search homebuilders, floorplans and options online to get a feel for what is available. Bexley’s Homefinder is the perfect tool to help your search.

    Explore More from Home - Visit our Virtual Hub to view models, explore virtual tours, and download resources to assist in your home search.

    Consider the HOA – It’s important to understand the benefits of living in a CDD and HOA community, and what these fees include. Not all community HOA/CDDs are created equal – but at Bexley, you get a whole lot of amenities and more! Learn more about it.

  • Step 3: Now the Fun Part: Explore in Person +

    Scope out Locations – Consider conveniences you can’t live without. (Think: access to major highways and nearby shopping, dining, entertainment, etc.) Bexley’s convenient location makes it the perfect spot to be in Pasco County, Florida.

    Check out the Amenities – Whether you have an active lifestyle or just want to kick back and relax, amenities make communities more social and more convenient. Resort-style pools, the popular Twisted Sprocket Café, a bike shop and walking trails…the list goes on. There are a plethora of amenities that Bexley offers.

    Find a Real Community – Bexley is where people of all ages and lifestyles come together to explore, relax, and play. Check out why our residents love living at Bexley!

    Find a Builder You Love – The home buying and design process can vary, depending on the homebuilder you choose. Check out the builder section below to explore your options and determine which best meets your needs.

Meet Our Builders

Say hello to Bexley’s builders. Learn more about each of their processes, their variety of home offerings, and incentives. Then, when you’re ready, come tour their models and meet them in-person!

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When a House Becomes a Home

The perfect house can only become the perfect home when it fits your family and lifestyle. So, whether your life is ramping up, or settling down, here are some resources to help you search with your family’s needs in mind

New vs. Resale: At a Glance

What are you really getting when you buy a new home in Bexley instead of a different new-home community or even a resale home? We’ve charted it out for you.


New vs. Used home checklist


New vs Resale: At a Glance

What are you really getting when you buy a new home in Bexley instead of a different new-home community or even a resale home? We’ve charted it out for you.


new vs. used home checklist